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Mapping the data maze

Short video series

Mapping the Data Maze. Using Your Credit Union's Data to Drive Marketing Results

This is a short video collection from a webinar featuring Anne Legg and Felipe Gil about how credit unions are benefiting from data-driven marketing automation and how to overcome the challenges related to data projects.

This webinar was inspired by a white paper that covers these topics in further detail and includes opinions from industry experts with some insights and testimonials from some of our customers and partners.

Watch the short video series extracted from the webinar

Why watch this webinar?

The three key things you need to be successful with data

What are the first steps in any credit union's data journey?

Best practices for using data to deepen relationships

How to look at data from a strategic lens?

Best practices to measure and demonstrate results

Implementing data-driven solutions

Do credit unions have more data than Amazon?

What types of data should modern marketers use?

Three common data-related challenges credit unions have

Why is a credit union marketing more like a kitchen than a lab?

How to know what every marketer wishes they knew about their member?

Is your credit union mature in terms of data?

The real value of Marketing Automation for credit unions

Have credit unions made progress with their data?

The number one thing data-driven marketers must keep in mind

The four types of member needs, from a member perspective

How to find out who members are with just two data points

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