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Grow membership to better serve communities

Better communications improve member acquisition and member retention.

Grow membership to better serve communities

Learn how Prisma has helped banks and credit unions grow their membership

Growth and success for your credit union
Effective communication plays a vital role in the success of financial institutions

Effective communication plays a vital role in the success of credit unions

By communicating more effectively, credit unions can build stronger relationships with their members, better understand their needs and preferences, and create a greater sense of community.

This leads to higher member satisfaction and increased membership, ultimately driving growth and success for the credit union.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool

Marketing automation is a powerful tool

Credit unions can use marketing automation to streamline their communication strategies and improve member acquisition and retention rates.

Prisma Campaigns, the leading marketing automation platform for credit unions, has the right advanced tools for financial marketers to create impactful communication strategies.

Prisma can help you

How can Prisma help your credit union?

Through Prisma Campaigns, credit unions can design personalized, data-driven, and omnichannel campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Prisma allows credit unions to analyze member data, tailor messages accordingly, and deliver across multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive and engaging member experience.

Boost new member acquisition by automating referrals

Discover how an automated referral program can help you acquire new members with the resources you already have.

Boost New Member Acquisition with an Automated Referral Program
  • Washington, DC
  • $780M in assets
  • 11,000 members


new members


in new loans


new leads

The challenge

As a single-sponsor credit union, referrals drive their growth. As a small team, they needed a program to manage it end-to-end.

The solution

Prisma’s automation streamlined their process, saving time, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring a seamless member experience.

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Personalize communications to leads as well as new and existing members

See how personalization could grow your membership

Establish and grow relationships through personalization

Three dilemmas credit unions need to overcome to become the FI today’s members expect

The Digital Marketing playbook for financial institutions

An essential guide for banks and credit unions to unlocking ROI, even with limited resources.

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