Automate and personalize your marketing campaigns with your existing tech stack.​

Prisma Campaigns is an affordable solution to make bank marketing more efficient.

Improve targeting with segmented data

Integrate your data sources ​

Leverage out of the box integrations or connect your own core banking system, ancillary data systems and any other third-party data feed.

Real-time targeting

Use custom or predefined filters based on demographics, behavioral data and profile information to create dynamic segments.

Export campaign insights

Enrich your CRM, MCIF or call center software by updating them with automated feeds of behavioral campaign data from Prisma.

Customizable data model

Create your custom data model and customer profile based on your data maturity.

Onboard and cross-sell with highly personalized email campaigns

Responsive templates

Use time-saving templates or create your own responsive designs with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

Advanced HTML emails

If you or your agency are using HTML emails to create sophisticated pieces, simply import them.

Content personalization

Create unique messages choosing from hundreds of personalization fields, such as APR, credit limit, banker or branch name and even custom images.

A/B testing

Improve open and click rates by trying out different subjects, artwork and copy to see which one performs best.

Event-triggered emails

Automate drip campaigns and optimize the timing of messages through member events and transactions as triggers.

Privacy-laws friendly

CAN-SPAM compliant subscriber management allows users to instantly opt-out of specific campaigns and communication categories.

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Deliver and convert across multiple channels

Cross-channel experience

Prisma Campaigns facilitates a unified customer experience by delivering messages based on previous interactions on all channels.

Banner placement across your digital channels

Display your campaigns in embedded, dynamic banners within your mobile app, online banking and website.

Mobile push notifications

Increase campaign reach by sending customers a nudge to their phone. Features include dynamic content, URL shortener and A/B testing.

Text messaging

Meet customers where they are with timely messages, alerts and notifications thanks to integrations with leading services like Eltropy and Twillio.

Social networks

Create unique campaign links to consolidate your social network conversions into a single, consistent workflow.

Personalized offers and messaging

Deliver personalized offers with different rates and terms for each customer, at scale. Customize the design with different images, copy and call-to-action.

Orchestrate and deliver the "Next Best Offer"

Campaign planning

Easily plan and prioritize your campaigns across all your channels and categories with one single calendar showing all that is being delivered.

Campaign orchestration

Run various, simultaneous campaigns and always activate the most relevant one for each customer, based on categories, manual sorting or automated recommendations.

Campaign automation

Automate multi-step campaigns like onboarding or re-boarding, with scheduling or trigger events options.

Frequency cap setting

Define limits for outbound communications (email, SMS, etc.) by campaign category, with the ability to manage exceptions.

Analyze in real time

Track individual customer journeys and overall campaign performance in real time. Monitor interactions across multiple touchpoints in one dashboard.