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Our world is filled with digital experiences – let the one you offer to your members stand out.

Prisma Campaigns seamlessly engages members with your products and services, wherever they are.

Elevate member's digital experience

Learn how Prisma helps banks and credit unions elevate digital experiences

Exceed your members' digital expectations
Exceed your member's digital expectations

Exceed your member’s digital expectations

In today’s digital landscape, your members expect personalized and seamless interactions across multiple channels.

To meet and exceed these expectations, you need a robust platform that goes beyond traditional email marketing.

Prisma empowers business users to create automated member journeys, ensuring that every touchpoint is personalized, frictionless, and fully digital.

Go beyond the click

Go beyond the click

It’s not enough to simply attract your members with enticing campaigns. You must provide a seamless conversion experience once they click.

Prisma puts control and flexibility in the hands of its users, allowing them to solve various conversion scenarios with workflow automations that do not require coding knowledge. Our platform seamlessly integrates with other systems, generating operational efficiencies while ensuring a cohesive and frictionless experience for your members.

Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel engagement

Engaging with your members through multiple channels is essential for driving conversions and enhancing the overall member experience.

Prisma offers omnichannel engagement capabilities to adapt to the various ways members access information, be it through online and mobile banking, social media, email, chat, or SMS. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, enabling you to initiate and sustain interactions with your members through their preferred channels.

Enhancing and streamlining members' digital experience

Discover how you can use marketing automation to create better experiences for your members.

Enhancing and Streamlining Member's Digital Experience
  • Denver, Colorado
  • $2B in assets
  • 156,000 members


conversion rate


HELOC members saved on interest rates


of conversions were completed online

The challenge

Needed to empower business users to create a wide range of no-code digital experiences that were personalized, seamless, secure and easy to convert.

The first challenge was a new HELOC offering that should only be seen by existing HELOC members, and that should not require a call or a branch visit to be converted.

The solution

A HELOC campaign targeted eligible members with online banking banner ads and mobile pop-ups.

Clicking the ad opened a secure form that integrated with other internal systems, allowing the back-end team to complete the process without requiring unnecessary steps or information for the member.

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Enhancing and streamlining members' digital experience

Discover how you can use marketing automation to create better experiences for members.

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