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Do more with existing resources

You and your teams work hard every day to offer a personal experience for your members.

Prisma Campaigns utilizes your current tech stack allowing your team to implement effective campaigns with what you already have

Do more with existing resources

Learn how Prisma helps banks and credit unions do more with existing resources

Automate and do more with what you already have
Streamline processes across different departments

Streamline processes across different departments

Improve your organization’s efficiency by embracing marketing automation as an all-encompassing solution that goes beyond conventional boundaries between departments.

This transformative approach breaks data silos, leading to a more integrated and streamlined business operation.

Leverage your existing stack with integrations

Leverage your existing stack with integrations

When choosing a tool for your organization, it’s important to consider how well it integrates with the rest of your tech stack. No tool can do it all by itself, and a solution’s ability to integrate with your existing stack will be crucial for its adoption, longevity, and return on investment.

Prisma boasts an open architecture that can integrate with different solutions in different ways, ensuring that no tech is an island.



Automation can improve not only your employees’ experience but also that of your members.

By eliminating repetitive tasks and allowing teams to scale and focus on the most strategic and value-added priorities, automation can create a more frictionless experience for both members and staff.

With the right tools and approach, you can streamline experiences and improve overall efficiency.

Using marketing automation to improve experiences for members and employees

Discover how you can use automation beyond its traditional scope to transform internal and external experiences.

Using Marketing Automation to Renew a Scholarship Program
  • Milwaukie, Oregon
  • $380M in assets
  • 20,000 members


increase in submissions


open rate


faster post-campaign processing

The challenge

Oregonians’ scholarship program is a crucial part of the credit union’s community outreach, and fundamental to its identity as a member-first not-for-profit organization.

However, it was falling flat over the recent years. The paper-based, application and outreach process was highly inefficient for both the applicants and the staff at Oregonians and needed to be updated.

The solution

To revamp their scholarship program, rather than buying a single-purpose solution that didn’t connect with their data and tech stack, Oregonians used Prisma to digitize the application process, promote the program to targeted members and streamline the post-campaign processing.

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Get fresh ideas

See how automation beyond its traditional scope can transform internal and external experiences

Unleash the power of your data

Insights and ideas from credit union experts to help you tap your data for marketing results.

Choosing a marketing automation provider

A balance between the right mix of tools, integration and security, to enable your digital marketing transformation.

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