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Drive loan and deposit growth

Your institution offers essential loan and deposit products to help members achieve their dreams.

Prisma Campaigns gives you options to offer the right products at the right time.

Drive loan and deposit growth

Learn how Prisma has helped banks and credit unions drive loan and deposit growth

Enhance your credit union's performance by putting members first
Drive growth while meeting members' needs

Drive growth while meeting members’ needs

Prisma Campaigns helps credit unions achieve growth and member satisfaction simultaneously. By delivering what members truly need, we optimize deposit and loan growth. Our data-driven approach enables targeted member outreach and personalized experiences that deepen relationships.

Enhance onboarding and cross-selling with the next-best offer

Enhance onboarding and cross-selling with the next-best offer

The first 90 days account for 75% of all cross-selling. It’s crucial to make the most of this period by meeting members where they are with tailored offers and messages that match their needs. Use insights gained from data analysis to drive growth and satisfaction with timely product recommendations.

Increase share of wallet and marketing ROI

Increase share of wallet and marketing ROI

By adopting a data-driven approach, you can enhance the activation and engagement of indirect and single-product members, which can lead to an increase in share of wallet and marketing ROI. Tailor marketing efforts to specific segments, maximize cross-selling, and improve customer experience for boosted revenue and profitability.

Increase share of wallet while meeting members' needs

See how becoming data-driven can change the way you onboard and cross-sell to your members.

Boosting Loans and Deposits with Targeted Campaigns
  • Oregon
  • $650M in assets
  • 35,000 members


more HELOC sales


direct sales


increase in engagement

The challenge

Needed to improve outreach and better serve members. Email lacked targeting and personalization.

The solution

Marketing Automation was implemented with 25-30 personalized, longer-term campaigns focused on the member journey.

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From shooting in the dark to targeted offerings

See how targeting can improve your marketing ROI

Unleash the power of your data

Insights and ideas from credit union experts to help you tap your data for marketing results.

The Digital Marketing playbook for financial institutions

An essential guide for banks and credit unions to unlocking ROI, even with limited resources.

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