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for banks and credit unions

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The leading marketing automation for banks and credit unions

Trusted by over 50+ banks and credit unions globally

How can Prisma help your business?

Grow membership

Increase member acquisition and retention to better serve communities.

Grow membership
Drive loan and deposit growth

Drive loan and deposit growth

Integrate onboarding and cross-selling best practices to increase share of wallet.

Improve members’ financial well-being

Personalize multi-channel messages with the right offer at the right time.

Improve member's financial wellbeing
Elevate member's digital experience

Elevate digital experiences

Engage younger generations with fully digital campaigns in multiple channels.

Do more with existing resources

Improve employee experience and efficiency through automation and integrations.

Do more with existing resources

Customer success stories

Boosting Loans and Deposits with Targeted Campaigns

5X conversion rate

Boosting loans and deposits with personalization

See how Embold CU went from shooting in the dark to targeted and personalized cross-selling campaigns that increased member engagement 5X and boosted HELOC sales 6X.

Enhancing and Streamlining Members’ Digital Experience

16% conversion rate

Enhancing and streamlining members’ digital experience

Discover how Credit Union of Colorado used marketing automation to create engaging digital experiences to better listen to their members and deliver what they need.

Transforming Emprise Bank’s digital marketing efforts

166% Increase

Transforming Emprise Bank’s digital marketing efforts

Learn how Emprise Bank combined predictive analytics to anticipate customers’ needs and personalized messaging to approve 3,000 new loans and increase loan volume by 166%.

Using Marketing Automation to Transform a Scholarship Program

330% Increase

Using marketing automation to revamp a scholarship program

See how Oregonians CU creatively utilized marketing automation to digitize a scholarship program, leading to a 330% increase in submissions while simultaneously reducing processing time and resources.

Boost New Member Acquisition with an Automated Referral Program

20x ROI

Boosting new member acquisition with a referral program

Discover how an automated referral program helped IDB Global FCU acquire over 100 new members in a single month while saving time and providing a seamless member experience.

See what Prisma can do for you

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Our solution

Reach members through multiple channels

Prisma’s omnichannel campaigns are highly visible and can be seamlessly converted wherever members engage with you. That includes email, text, online and mobile banking, website, branches, call center, and even direct mail.

Create target audiences

In data-driven marketing, “spray and pray” is outdated. Prisma allows you to use your data to segment your audience and create targeted offerings. This next-best-product strategy improves your conversion rates and builds stronger relationships with your members.

Use your data sources in an automated way

Prisma simplifies data management by automating the ingestion of data from any source – CORE, CRM, data warehouse, LOS, or collections system. Your data is always updated and complete, and you can focus on what truly matters without wasting time on manual exports and imports.

Analyze, report, learn & optimize in real-time

Real-time analysis of customer/member behavior data across channels with intuitive dashboards.

Additionally, you can feed Prisma’s results to other systems, such as your CRM or data warehouse.



Prisma Campaigns utilizes enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data, and works with independent experts to verify its security, privacy, and compliance controls, and has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 report against stringent standards.


What our customers are saying

Mitch Rosenbaum - Credit Union of Colorado
Mitch RosenbaumVP of Marketingand E-commerce

“Prisma is a fantastic partner. They have collaborated with us to build marketing and service campaigns that deliver great experiences to our members and have grown our credit union.”

Aggie Tuxhorn - Emprise Bank

Aggie Tuxhorn

VP of Marketing

“We appreciate having a tool that allows us to ingest predictive data to offer our customers what they need, when they need it. And even better—we can personalize the message so it speaks to them. We have just scratched the surface of everything we can do within Prisma to grow our business with ”scale and improve our customers’ financial health.”

Hilary Kissell - Embold Credit Union

Hilary Kissell

Director of Marketing and Community Development

“Prisma has helped us to become really data-driven. We now use data tools to look at everything we know about the member and narrow down who might be a good fit. Also, it’s been cool to work with a partner like Prisma who believes in the credit union movement and understands that we care about working together on things.”

Marilyn Wagner - IDB Global Federal Credit Union

Marilyn Wagner

Chief Experience Officer

“As a single-sponsor credit union, referrals are crucial to our growth and our small marketing team needed a program to manage it end-to-end. By utilizing the strength of Prisma and removing human barriers, we created an automated process that saved us time and increased our efficiency, while also providing a seamless experience for our members. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Meaghan Morency - Oregonians Credit Union

Meaghan Morency

Director of Marketing

“Prisma Campaigns keeps freedom and control in the hands of its users. Marketers can use Prisma to build omni-channel campaigns with automated member journey maps. And they can also use Prisma to integrate data from disparate sources, reaching their members in more relevant ways at each of those journey stages. With creativity, credit unions can leverage Prisma’s flexibility to address all sorts of use-cases.”

Don Lindt - Star One Credit Union

Don Lindt

Digital Marketing

“With Prisma, we doubled our campaign reach and conversion rates within eight months. Leveraging its intuitive, and centralized campaign platform, we created 60 personalized campaigns across multiple channels. And now we can spend more time developing marketing offerings aligned with clients and business goals, rather than executing campaigns.”

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